Luca Barlocci
MY BIOGRAPHY Luca Barlocci born in 1973 in San Benedetto del Tronto (AP). Restorer of antiques, continues the family business after finishing the language and humanities studies . Always loved art, mainly the old, he spends a long time since a young boy in search of hidden treasures and unknown to most: in his free time with increasing dedication to research in his homeland, the Marche, and in 2011 acquired a small compact camera, feeling a strong desire to document and preserve these experiences gathered in small museums, historical villages and enchanting spaces in nature. From that moment the magic happens, and borns his love for photography. The time for study and photographic research is gaining more space and fills his days with increasing dedication, returning a valuable sense of belonging with their own places and with nature, but also new inspiration in unexpected directions and photographic survey of unexplored . Prizes and Awards In 2015 his project would have been a possible world is ranked in the top three in the review Mazes Photography, it is exposed before in Milan "Spazio E" gallery , and in Turin to "Labirinti Festival". With The Sudden flight in 2015 ranks first in Rotondi Premio Rotondi "La Marca nell arte". In 2016 he won first prize Art Together organized by the Museum of "Pietrala dei Poeti". Subsequently, in June 2016, the picture of Fornace Penna in Scicli is chosen for an exhibition called points of Silence organized by Microbo.Net. Trade shows The silent city and the places of silence - Milano 2016 (group exhibition) Parks, reserves and protected areas of the Marches - Offagna (AN), 2016 (group exhibition) It would have been a possible world - Milano 2015 and Turin 2015 (exhibition) The poetics of the body, the poetic body - Rome 2014 Luca Barlocci located in the landscape a valuable source of vital material which daily draw to regain identity, to recompose his inner world and to reveal the fullness, the nuances and concerns through photography. His images denote unveiled the charm that always accompanies and that the author manages to convey with art through a unique color charm and relentless pursuit of perfect harmony. Highlighting aptitude to read the real data also through the symbolic reference and abstract representation, the author also tells us more related search paths to the unconscious, to the representation of the self and the inner duality, proving fascinated by the symbolism, from evocations of meaning and metaphor, but also from human trait, the gestures, the daily rituals and the ravages of time on peoples faces. The choice of color or black and white answers always creative urgency of the situation. In one way or another, the poetry of Luca Barlocci proves vital harbinger of stimuli and regenerative cues, almost a hymn to life and a reference to the values ​​of the earth and the unique beauty of the human landscape.